Do You Worry Too? 

How can I start a post without sounding like every single introductory letter to your teacher at the beginning of each semester?

*makes a Google search*

*getting angry because Google is not providing the answer you were looking for*

*gives up* 

The answer is you can’t. You simply can’t not. 

I know no one is going to read this. These are open letters to myself. If by chance someone does read this I will keep real names confidential and provide fake names so that my stories make sense. I have written journal entries in the past (which I will be posting here as well) and it was very early on but I only have the ones from 2012 (when I was 12). Reading back on them I realize that my life really wasn’t that bad and I was stressing over nothing. I’m hoping that writing more here will help me to realize the same so I can live in the moment and enjoy the smaller things, rather than hanging myself over the other stresses in my life. I worry about things too much. Do you worry too? My name is Eleanor and welcome to the most over dramatic website you will ever come across. 


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