Drunk Dancing Cowboy

This is why I live, to work in customer service, and be able to tell stories like this one. 

I work at an ice cream store. Our store is beside a chicken wing restaurant. A lot of the time we get customers coming from the restaurant, heavily hammered, and ready for desert at the ice cream store I work at. I can tell who is drunk and who isn’t but this man made it clear to EVERYONE in the town. He was wired and had way too much energy- until about 20 minutes later when his energy died off in the parking lot and his friends had to drag him into the back seat of there car. This man came in and got up on the chair, then the table and sang (at the top of his lungs) “LETS ALL GET FAT AND BROKE, SPENDING ALL Y’ALL MONEY” wearing a cowboy hat and shoes and trying to tap dance while on a table. Drunk or not that pretty impressive. My coworker and I looked at eachother, he was still in training and kind of just laughed. I ended up kicking him out of the store. All the adults at the time (including myself and my coworker) didn’t think it was very funny, of course now we carry this funny store with us. But this man kept going with the motivational audience of children clapping and giggling for him. What a nightmare. 


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