Knocked Up With Lies 

So people have been dumping there household waste in our dumpster behind the store. I haven’t been able to catch anyone yet.. Except for this one women. But the stuff I find in the dumpster is crazy, a Washing machine, laundry basket, and basketball net. This one women was knocked up with lies. She got out of drivers seat of her car with what looked to be her husband in the passenger seat and opened the trunk. This is where I realized they were about to start putting there garbage in our bin. I stepped in and this was the conversation:

Me: “hi mam, you can’t dispose of your household waste here.”

Women: “ummmm I’m not.. You see I’m very pregnant and I started to drive and didn’t feel well so we are switching seats so my husband can drive”

Me: “ok that’s fine but that doesn’t explain why your trunk is open”

Women: “ohh UGHHH.. Well you see. We are on our way to the dump now. It just sounded like something fell out”

Me: “ok. I’d like you to please leave now. If I catch that your removing your household waste on our property I will be reporting your license plate number to the police and our land lord.”

As soon as I told her that she acknowledged me and here is when I for sure knew she was lying. She got back into the DRIVERS SEAT and drove away. Irony?


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