Speechless with 1000 Thoughts

I grew up so happy. The happiest craziest kid ever. What happened? I never thought that one day I’d be feeling the way I feel. I woke up late today for school, I sat in bed and didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to leave my house, my room, my bed. My head hurts, I am living in fear, my chest hurts and I don’t think some people realize that this is what I am feeling. 

“I don’t know what stress is”

“Your friends problems aren’t yours”

“Don’t worry”

“You’re not depressed”

I feel like the only place I want to be is in my room at home. School is busy and falling behind is my fear, I have to figure out how to quit my job (read “red and blue” for more explaination), and my family and friends are struggling through health problems. I feel like I’m not always able to talk to the people that I would hope I’d be close with and who I thought would understand me. I feel like I am trapped.  Circling in my own thoughts, and silent with 1000 words. 


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